Professional weight loss camp in Los Angeles Cheap personal trainer in Los Angeles

Full Service Personal Training & Dietary Advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the ‘Advanced Euro Training (AET) System’. It is the most effective and fastest new training program for losing weight and building lean muscles.


Would you like to:
  • Lose fat?     
  • Build muscles?     
  • Live a healthier life?      
  • Get a tighter and more attractive body?     
  • Be more energetic in everyday life?

  • You do not know how to get it started?
  • Are you too shy to go to a gym alone?
  • Do you need someone to motivate you?
  • Have you experienced the yo-yo effect many times so you long for a training program that helps you maintain the results achieved?
  • Are you not familiar with the exercise equipment and afraid of getting injured?
  • Have you tried numerous dietary advices, exercise plans, equipment and pills and they did not work for you?


Do not waste any more money on various methods that do not help.
Do not waste your time and energy without any achievements.

Choose the full personal training service with the AET program for guaranteed results. Now you can try it for an introductory price. You will not believe yourself how fast you achieve results and become more and more attractive each day.

Time is money. Follow a quick and effective workout program just like the Hollywood stars and achieve your dream body in 6-8 weeks. Do not waste any more time and money on various methods, equipment or pills that do not help.

Guaranteed minimum weight loss: -8 kg (~17 lbs) of fat in 6 weeks!
For anyone who complies with the trainer’s instructions

*The results indicated in the website may differ in your case.*

We work for you 24/7.

  • Consultation
  •  Training including full fitness assessment
  •  Training with an IFBB certified personal trainer and pro bodybuilder
  •  Development of personalized diet plan
  •  Development of personalized training plan
  •  Full support and motivation during every training
  •  Food shopping with the nutrition expert (if required)
  •  Availability and assistance over the phone 24/7
  •  Training according to the ‘AET System’ (proven to be the most effective training program which is also used by Hollywood celebrities. This is the most efficient way to burn fat and build dry muscle mass in the shortest time possible, without using any drugs). Healthy, fast and effective.

Try it now for an introductory price of only 27.3 $ / day

Your success is my interest!

You don't have to pay nothing in advance.
You will have to pay after consultation time, after first meeting in person.