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Why choose me?
For the following reasons:

I obtained my qualification from the U.S.-based International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) as personal trainer and nutrition expert.
Later I enhanced my knowledge in Europe.
I have been an athlete for 10 years and won the first prize in several contests.

I am a multiple European champion bodybuilder.
I have 7 years of professional experience; a variety of types of people have achieved their dream body with my help - everybody who had come to me, without exception, managed to do it.

I guarantee that I can help you, too, achieve your dream body.

My name is Balázs Gothárd. I have been a huge fan of bodybuilding and sports since I was 15 years old. I like to help others and motivate them. It feels good to see people improving and becoming more satisfied with themselves by following my advice.
Being a personal trainer is not only a profession but also a passion for me.

Since 2005, I have been pursuing bodybuilding at a professional level. I have been a voracious reader of professional books and journals to further improve my knowledge of various training methods, nutrition tricks and dietary supplements. All this to render my workouts even more effective and get results as quickly as possible.

Since 2007, I have been working with overweight people and those looking to build their muscle mass. Since then, with my assistance, a great variety of people have managed to achieve the body of their dreams:

Men and women aged 15-62
Clients on rehabilitation following an injury or surgery
Young mums and those who have gained extra weight following a hormone therapy
Bodybuilders and fitness models participating in contests

In short, I can say that in my work I have met numerous types of people and up to now, with my help, everyone has managed to achieve the desired body so I can guarantee that I am able help you, too!

In 2009, I completed a training course of the U.S.-based IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) where I obtained excellent final grades both in training theory and nutrition expertise.

Although I had gained my professional knowledge in an American school, I further expanded and perfected those learned there in Europe.

In 2010, I also started to participate in contests personally, the majority of which I won already in the beginning. I won first place both in the Teenager and Adult categories in almost all of the contests in which I have partaken.



My contest results as a bodybuilder:


‘Fitparádé':   IFBB Austria Cup:
- Classic bodybuilding category: 1st place  - Teenager category: 2nd place
- Teenager category: 1st place 0
- Absolute Champion: 2nd place 0

- Teenager category: 2nd place
- Absolute Champion: 3rd place


Hercules Cup: IFBB National Championship:
- Teenager category: 1st place  - Teenager category: 1st place
- Classic Bodybuilding Category: 1st place   - ‘Men Under 202 lbs’ Bodybuilding      category: 1st place
- Absolute Champion: 1st place - Absolute National Champion: 3rd place
0 0
IFBB European Championship:   IFBB World Cup:
- Teenager European Champion: 1st place - IFBB World Championship: 4th place
- Absolute European Champion: 5th place 0
0 0
IFBB World Men Classic Bodybuilding Championships: SuperBody:
- Teenager Classic Body category: 1st place - Teenager category: 1st place
- Men Classic Body under 180 cm category: 2nd place  - Absolute Champion: 2nd place
- Absolute Classic Body Champion: 4th place 0


Mr. Universe:  IFBB Amateur Arnold Classic Europe:
- Classic Bodybuilding category: 2nd place - Man bodybuilding under 202 lbs: 4th place
- Teenager Category: 1st place 0
- Mr. Universe Champion: 5th place 0
0 0
IFBB Austria Cup:
- Classic Bodybuilding category: 1st place - Athletic category: 1st place
- Man bodybuilding under 202 lbs: 2nd place - Absolute Championship: 2nd place
0 0


IFBB European Championships: 0
- Man bodybuilding under 202 lbs: 3rd place 0

About the Advanced Euro Training System:

After I had started to participate in bodybuilding contests and became a professional athlete, I met a number of people. I made acquaintance with German, English and Italian bodybuilders who had very strong physiques; fitness models; experienced and highly qualified trainers; Olympic medalists; as well as athletes engaging in various sports. I just watched and learned. I was looking for what everyone yearns for: The perfect method to lose maximum fat while building maximum muscle in the shortest time possible. The faster we perceive the change on our bodies, the more we are on fire and the more motivated we are.

I, personally, have participated in European contests. All those excellent athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models, boxers, wrestlers, swimmers, and so on I have met in Europe have imparted a lot of knowledge and experience to me. In that period, I worked continuously as a personal trainer and tested the newly acquired methods not only on myself but also on my clients. I have had a huge variety of clients: Men and women aged 15-62, some of whom were suffering from various health issues; obese people; clients with extreme excess weight following a hormone therapy; young mothers; etc.

Not content with the fact these new methods work for me, a young man, I had to try them on older people whose metabolism is slower and on individuals with significant excess weight. I wanted to find the perfect training method that works not only for me but can also be widely used for a variety of people.

Thus I elaborated a training method which I named Advanced Euro Training (AET) System.

The AET incorporates the professional knowledge and expertise of athletes and trainers renowned all over Europe and the world and is built on the foundations of the knowledge taught at the American IFBB Academy. All this is delivered in a form that it may be used on people with a huge variety of physical characteristics. Due to this fact, with the AET, you can achieve your desired figure at an impressive speed.

The effectiveness of AET is not only confirmed by excellent athletes and Olympic medalists from Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and the Netherlands, but also by Hollywood celebrities and over 600 satisfied clients whom I have helped so far in my personal trainer career.

Prizes won for the AET program as personal trainer:

2011: FitnessFest and Conference, Berlin: The most effective training program award.
2011: FitBody Expo and Conference, Paris: Trainer of the year in Central Europe.
2012: Way of Life and Health Expo, London: Trainer of the year in Europe.
Special award for the AET system designated as the most effective training method achieving fast and spectacular results without overstraining the body or applying drugs.
2013: ISCA (International Strength and Conditioning Association): Trainer of the Year and the Most Modern Training Program.
2011:  Trainer of the year, several awards for the AET training method

The AET training method achieves fast and spectacular results without using steroids or illegal drugs, while it does not overstrain the body. The training method has received several awards in Europe, and as creator of the program, I was awarded the ‘Trainer of the Year’ title.

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