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 Diet & References:

  • -8 kg (~17.5 lbs) in a month...And this weight would never come back!

  • Following dieting, the majority of people gain more weight back than the weight lost during the diet!That's a fact.But there is a solution to lose 8 kilos (~17.5 lbs) in a month.Just read on!

  • Have you tried countless diets and tortured you body but it did not work for you?

  • Do you feel that in order to look good you have to ‘sweat blood’ each day?

  • Have you tried a myriad of miraculous exercise equipment and magic slimming pills?

  • Perhaps you have already given up on achieving the body you have always dreamt about?Do you think you have the ‘plump’ body type?

The answer is NO! It does not have to be that way!


Overweight or obese parents usually have fat children. A number of genetic researches show, however, that obesity is not genetically inherited; it can be explained much more by the fact that fat parents pass on improper eating and lifestyle patterns to their kids. Think of the girls who cook as they had learnt from their mothers.

But is this right? Well, if you are overweight, the answer is ‘No’.

There is no way you cannot lose weight; you just have to apply the method that is ideal for you! The diet you had read about in a women's magazine did not work?
Of course not, or at least the chances were quite low as there is no magic method that works for every reader.
Perhaps your girlfriend has lost weight using these hints and tips but you have not? We are all different; we are individuals. If a dress suits your girlfriend or boyfriend, it does not necessarily has to fit you. So why not personalize you nutrition plan?

I can provide you with personalized dietary, workout and lifestyle advice needed for weight loss, which will be the keys to your success.

Many people are enthusiastic and not lazy to do things to make their lives better but, through no fault of their own, they fail as they cannot follow the weight loss advice they are given because:

  • they do not have time to cook properly or to exercise as much as they should (owing to family, work, etc.)
  • healthy, dietetic food is too expensive.

Good diet hints and tips are the ones that we can follow!

When planning your diet, in addition to your weight, sex and age, I also take into account your financial situation, available time, blood type and the nutritional needs required for maintaining your stamina.
In short, you get an effective and personalized assistance and advice that you can keep.
Many people are familiar with the basic dietary tip that one should not eat after 6 p.m.
Actually there are numerous little finesses that you can use: the frequency of meals, temporal distribution of meals, etc. In summary, you can lose weight without starving and having to give up the joy of eating delicious food. You can eat even when you wake up in the middle of the night - you just have to pay attention to what you eat.


You want to become an irresistibly attractive, healthy, energetic and happy person full of self-confidence? ‘Fix an appointment for consultation’

Lose weight without starving and suffering!

The AET program helps you in nutrition overall. It is not only about eating less and moving more like others.The AET provides an individual dietary program as well. The daily protein, carbohydrate and fat intake are determined by your age, weight, aims, health and goals. Therefore you will be aware of the foods, how much you should consume to achieve your desired weight and shape.
It is an old misbelief that you must starve and suffer during your diet. You have to work, train, raise children, much energy is necessary to everyday activity. If you starve you cannot work effectively and take care of your family. With the revolutionary AET you can lose weight without starvation.


Diet tip #1
Several people actually starve all day long to lose weight more faster. However, this leads to the contrary as the body weight is not lost at all. Our body piles up and retrains the nutrients. The proper way is to divide our food into smaller amounts throughout the day, and consume every 2-3 hours. Thus our body will get used to receive the nutrients without accumulation. More fat is burned due to this increased metabolism without starvation. The AET program tells you when and what kind of food should be eaten exactly.

Diet tip #2
Always consume complex carbohydrates (e.g. rice, quinoa, potato). The longer the carbohydrate chain is, the slower the absorption. It is absorbed by very small amounts and burned into energy. The continuous energy is provided to the body without accumulating fat, without gaining weight. 100 g of sugar (*US=3.53 ounces) absorbs in 10 minutes. 8 g energy is burned during 10 minutes, and 92 g sugar is converted to fat storage. On the contrary carbohydrate of 100 g rice is consumed; it is absorbed by 2 hours without accumulating fat, as the carbohydrate is absorbed and the energy burns during this period of time.

Diet tip #3
 It is a misbelief that you are not allowed to eat in the evening. You can eat but pay attention on what. For example consuming high dopamine containing food before going to sleep will lead to an increased hormone release from the pituitary gland by 400-500%.Physiologically the growth hormone is released by the first 1.5 hours of sleeping in adulthood. The growth hormone is the most potent fat burning and muscle gaining hormone. The dopamine containing food consumed before going to sleep leads to a greater amount of growth hormone release in the first 1.5 hours of sleeping that is responsible for the increased fat burn. But carbohydrates decrease the production of growth hormone.
The body of an adult produces growth hormone exclusively in the first 1.5 hours of sleeping, and you should benefit from it. Consuming dopamine containing food we produce growth hormone by 4-5 times, and we can burn fat during the sleep. If we eat carbohydrate before going to sleep, we actually stop our growth hormone production and as a consequence, the fat burns.

These are just 3 examples to lose weight without any discomfort. Thus with proper attention and skills body weight can be lost without starvation.

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