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Why train with personal trainer?

  • Have you decided to change yourself? Would you like to be prettier, healthier and more energetic, but you have no idea how to start it?

  • Have you tried several diets or training programs, pills, machines, but none of them worked? Or were your achievements temporary??

  • You have a family, a job, and you would like to do well in most of your life, thus you cannot allow yourself to starve and suffer your body to achieve a good shape?

  • Would you like to retrain your ideal body without starving and suffering day by day?

  • Would you like to avoid injuries during training?

  • Do you need any motivation?

Then, you are at the best place! Here is the effective help to achieve your desired body shape faster, than you would think, and moreover your achievements will remain permanently!

You tell me how do you want to look like, and I tell you how!
Results are guaranteed by me.

The personal training and diet is science, but profession also. It is not your profession, that’s why it worth to see a professional. It’s important to know what body parts should be trained by how, what are the ideal weights, repeat numbers, and series numbers for you and the sequence of the practices is also crucial. What is the proper duration of breaks between the practices? Which muscles should be trained more often per week? You should know how to help effectively your body parts that you are unsatisfied with. Now, you are at the best place to get the answers for all!

I give my professional knowledge; your task is to tell me your pretense. Do you want tougher and more round buttocks in 4weeks? Would you like to lose 12 lbs in 3 weeks? Or you want stiffer triceps, lose your abdominal fat and gain some muscle on your inner thigh?

You tell me what your goals are and when would you like to achieve them. In the trainings we will discuss what changes on your body you can feel, and taking these into account I will modify your program, following the signs of your body.
You can feel the changes in your body and I know how to react to these changes to get more prettier.

Injuries due to the lack of expertise:

The amount spent on the personal trainer returns, as I pay maximal attention on each of your movements on each training to be sure that we bring out the most of your training and prevent all injuries.
The injuries of unsupervised training cost far much more money than to have a trainer and prevent the hurts. Not talking about pain! Several young people go down to the gym without any special knowledge, and begin to train as seen on TV or the Internet. The result is 92 hurts themselves out of 100!


If you don’t have money for a personal trainer:

Can’t you allow yourself to see a personal trainer? But would you like to know which training method to use, what kind of personal diet to follow? Wouldn’t you like to be injured? If you begin your trainings without any specialized help and it gets fixated badly in your mind, then you erode your cartilage every time you train, which results in not a sudden injury, but more likely joint pain in 6-8 months of training. If you begin your training with a trainer you can avoid this and you can train by yourself after you have learned how to do the movements regularly.

Do you need someone to motivate you? In this case I advise you to come and see me at least 10 times. During these 10 occasions you will learn how to do the exercises regularly without any possible injuries. After the 10th time I handle you a training and diet plan that we have practiced thus you learned it and know it.
After this you don’t have to spend on a personal trainer, you can exercise by yourself, and you will be aware of the right way without wasting your time, energy and money remained unchanged. So the personal training is only a one-time expense.

I help you to make a move toward the body shape you desire.

The problematic parts (Abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, back of upper arms):

I am asked several times, how to lose weight from the abdomen, inner thighs, and other problematic parts. The rest is all right.

Anyone can say something about the abdominal exercises or of the inner thighs, moreover you can google “abdominal exercises” and find thousands of them. But it’s not enough alone! To reach the desired shape of your problematic parts, you must work out a complete program. Not only the exercises you do for that is taken into account, but the sequence of the exercises, break times between them, the weights used and depending on your body the way you move are crucial also. Everyone has different proportions, the length of the arms, limbs. Thus not only the way of your exercises is important, but the way you work it out. This is different by everyone.

Your body is a whole complete organism working in harmony. If you focus on only a single part that you consider as problematic and work out on it, you are going to reach nothing.
The trainer learns your pretence, body proportions, and makes the proper plan for the part you want to improve during a free personal consultation.

Each muscle possesses an antagonist pair: the biceps and the triceps, the back muscles and the pectorals, and the upper body and the lower limbs. Many train for the ones thought problematic, but the antagonist pair remains unattended. This leads to injuries as the two muscles are not in balance. For example, many lady guests exercise the limbs and buttocks exclusively resulting in a great difference in the fitness between the upper and lower body leading to waist pain. Many men exercise the pectorals for hours, but neglect the back muscles leading to pain in the shoulders. The differences between the biceps and triceps can result in elbow pain.
To improve our unsatisfied body parts without neglecting the others, a professional’s help must be sought to avoid injuries.

E-mail help to the ideal shape

It is impossible to help someone in the training without personal consultation, talking about gaining muscle or losing fat. The personal training is effective and efficient because the training program is planned individually. Thus everybody will have an own plan being the most effective! Because of this, the personal consultation and assessment is necessary.
I am asked by many, that the training plan or dietary program downloaded from the Internet did not work. They do not understand why, as their girlfriends have reached their goals…
The one sharing various training or diet plans is not aware of your genetic properties.
If it fits to your friend’s genetics, maybe it will work by chance, but you are wasting your time and energy. It is an irresponsibility of each personal trainer to share various exercises and dietary plans without any personal consultation, because it is only crooked reasoning.
By the personal consultation and the short exercises I assess:


your current state (weight, height, blood group, diseases, injuries or previous surgeries)



your daily activity: hours spend in front of your computer, in your car and active movements during your day



the desired shape


your schedule (days per week to exercise)


your strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination of movements



After these, a training and diet program can be worked out individually for you, and it will work undoubtedly!

Results without any suffering

I care for each of your training to be varied, motivating and to spend your time in good mood.  You will never feel the training as an exhausting, tiring work or consider it as an unpleasant sacrifice for your beauty.
Every time the training is going to be your happy recreation after work or school!


You don't have to pay nothing in advance.
You will have to pay after consultation time, after first meeting in person.